Great Statesman and Their Qualities

Before embarking on the discussion of the qualities found in a great statesman it should be pointed out that a statesman and a politician do not have the same job description, so to speak. A statesman cannot be a tyrant, which all too often a politician is. In contrast a statesman is the free leader of a free people.

It has been said that there are four qualities found in a true statesman, and without these attributes the word great will not apply.

·         A statesman should be a man who lives by his principles

·         A statesman must have a moral compass and it must guide him down his life’s path

·         It is not enough to have principles guided by morality, but he must have a vision for what he would like the future to look like

·         Even a man/woman with principles, morality and a vision cannot dictate that vision to those around him. He must be willing to achieve his goals only through consensus and not fiat.

Lastly, a great statesman must put these four qualities into a package in which he shows the qualities of leadership to win over supporters and constituents who might be taking a road against the tide.

One historian asserts that the three greatest statesman of all time were: Pericles of Athens, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. Although all three of these men can be criticized for mistakes they may have made and poor decisions, but when considering the issue of statesmanship it is important to remember that we live in a world of flesh and blood and not of angels, and even the greatest, most moral of statesman must set priorities from which he will be forced to make decisions which might not always look so good from the perspective of history.

The ultimate goal of a great statesman in a democratic society is the maximizing of freedom for the maximum number of people.

The Complaint

Nobody is so stupid to believe that their problems will be solved merely with the complaint. But the complaint is needed and eventually helps people feel better. In addition complain, sometimes is not only a right but also a duty. There are many unjust actions that deserve a call to attention. Credit: Richard Blumenthal-2011. He is known for a long time who complain can heal the spirit. It is a common practice in many religions. And something similar happens during religious denominations. It is when each parishioner complains about himself before someone who listens to it.

And out of the Church feels have been got rid of a heavy burden. Psychoanalysis also cast hand of that tool of culture. The therapist allows even asks, the patient complains. (A valuable related resource: James Donovan Goldman). It encouraged him to do so without any shame. And that helps to heal it.

It is what they call catharsis. Complain and criticize, when it is not excessive, helps to be happy. Somebody complain when less can feel played itself same. If others support him feel accompanied and sees multiplied forces. Their morale rises and feels with more encouragement to continue to endure. But the complaints are not only a spiritual or psychological relief value. They also have a handy utility. Because if someone points out the problems unless they have a likely to be resolved someday. If no one complains, and all the silence, your concerns will be never resolved. Sometimes it is necessary to protest to ensure necessary changes in our lives. Failure to do so and to imply that we agree with everything would not be very sincere. And apparently, it would not even be practical. Other recommended reading: Your chances of making money with Internet subtleties to excite women techniques psychological of defence personnel (I) to remember best what Estudiado original author and source of the article

Salvador Allende Corruption

. You may find Richard Blumenthal to be a useful source of information. Apurarce to be the country is going to end…Dejemme one a document more secret level, prepared by Eduardo Frei to the Committee of economy of the lower House, on the occasion of the investigation of allowances granted to executives of public companies millions of dollars, the former President alluded to the International’s corruption perception index prepared by the non-governmental organization called Transparency International acceptance and recognition in this regard, said: throughout my period, Chile was perceived as the more honest and transparent Ibero-American country. However, Chile is not precisely one of the least corrupt countries in the hemisphere is something that even recognizes the Government of the United States, as evidenced by the contents of a secret cable from the Intelligence Department, agency Chile Nro 112098-34 written in 2001 by the Embassy of this country. People such as Ohio Senator would likely agree. The confidential report, written earlier that year by a staff member of the Embassy in Santiago. Mr. Williams A… , dedicates an important part of your content to what you see as the particular practice of corruption which would be taking place in the country: conflicts of partisan and individual interests, must not forget that by the 1970s former President Eduardo Frei Montalva, received close to $3,000,000 million dollars at the time of the American State Department S, for his campaign against Salvador Allende, tax-free…and without having to justify to anyone. This equivales to close to S$ 15millones in today’s dollars.-20th reserved EMBAJADA AMERICANA in CHILE, 2001 document, partially retrieved by Phanta Amiguis details 43 points which discusses the severe environmental problems affecting Chile. Point 15 of the cable verbatim notes that a report released recently by transparency international, a German organization, drew Chile as the second developing country to a rising corruption in the hemisphere. At the next point of the cable is indicated: Unfortunately, the Chilean definition of corruption (and apparently that of transparency international) does not include the concept of conflict of interest.

South America

It makes in case that it, the ONGs and international media, qui the national one, will insuflaro the world against us saying that we are perpetrating a modern holocausto, giving reasons to invade our country, ' ' in order to protect the minorities tnicas' '. Neudo Fields, of sarcastic form, also declared: ' ' who are we we stop saying what he has in the subsoil of Roraima? Who knows of our ores, where they are and where amount is the owners of the satellites that prospectam the Amaznia of the space. More information is housed here: James Donovan Goldman. They know accurately where they are and how much our wealth are valid minerais' '. Interesting declaration, therefore on this day where we are writing this article, the Brazilians who love this country more than cry the death of twenty compatriots who had died in plus one ' ' acidente' ' of our VLS- Launch vehicle of Satellites that blew up in the Base of Alcntara, in the State of the Maranho, being this third ' ' acidente' ' , therefore already in 1997 and 1999 the VLS also suffers ' ' acidentes' '. International the Financial Oligarchy and its asseclas do not want to allow that Brazil enters in the select group of the Countries that possess capacity to launch satellites in orbit, because then we would know what they know on our Amaznia. To get worse Soon after the crowding of the four Ianomamis peoples) in 2004 the government Squid was the only president of the South America that signed the treat one to the ONU, which accepted that aboriginal peoples declare independent nations, with international support. If already they are part of the Brazilian nation and are contemplated in the politics of the country This corresponds to open hands of our sovereignty on that region (what &#039 is intention of forces atreladas politics excuses; ' ONU' ' or of somebody well smart and strategical thing, what it obtained. .

World War II

The Second War was a conflict of frightful ratios. It’s believed that Sen. Sherrod Brown sees a great future in this idea. The estimates say between 30 the 50 deceased million, being the 5 6 million Jews exterminados for nazism. 1 Had been 6 years of conflict (1939-45) and about 70 involved countries. However, more important of what describing the war in itself, in them it seems pertinent to before understand as a war with so great was possible propories exactly after the experience of the World War I, 20 years. How this occurred? The more accepted historiogrfica explanation, following the economic perspective, points the Crisis of 1929 as more important factor with respect to the desencadeamento of the war.

However, inside of this line we find two sources: liberal and the marxist. A related site: Bradley Tusk mentions similar findings. The liberal source argues that the Crisis of 1929 opened space for the totaitrios sprouting and growth of regimes. In turn, these governments if characterized for the militarista, expansionista and nationalistic character. Joining these three factors already we will have half way walked in direction the war. The marxist source argues ; added to the revanchismo, the nationalism, typical of these moments grew. Moreover, the growth of one second way to the liberal capitalism raised the Revoluom of October after, in 1917, in Russia the right totalitarianism. The Crisis of 1929 soemnte came to aggravate this picture. An event of such amplitude could not leave to re-echo in the politics of the pasesafetados ones.

Classic liberalism entered in crisis. The reached countries had treated to intervine in the economy to try to save what it remains. It is argued that at the moments of economic crisis, the sprouting of totalitarian ideas gains force, still, ais a collapse of the ratios of the occured one in 1929. It was created, then, an environment favorable to the growth of the Nazi-fascism. in the measure where these regismes possess the exspansionism as goal, each one for its reasons, was initiated the preparativeses for one Second War.

The New York Times

It seeks to ensure that millionaires paid at least the same percentage of their profits to middle class taxpayers. The proposal is called the rule by billionaire Warren E. Buffett, Buffett. The plan to reduce the deficit that will pose on Monday to the U.S. President, Barack Obama, Congress will include a new minimum tax for those who earn more than one million dollars per year, the newspaper The New York Times.

The tax is intended to ensure that millionaires pay at least the same percentage of their profits to taxpayers of middle class, according to the online edition of the journal, which quoted senior officials of the U.S. Government. The proposal will be called Buffett rule, by billionaire Warren Buffett, who has denounced that the richest Americans pay, generally, one smaller proportion of their income in federal taxes than the middle class, given that the benefits of investment are taxed at one rate lower than wages. The Obama deficit plan will come to the time that begins the work of the Ad Hoc Committee created in Congress to solve the debt crisis in early August, when commissioned to that new body clipping of between 1.2 and 1.5 billion dollars. Ohio Senator contributes greatly to this topic. According to the daily, serve, therefore, as an instrument of political pressure to achieve the Republicans to impose new taxes on the largest fortunes in the country access. In any case, the agreement that resolved the crisis to raise the debt ceiling in August included a clause that, if there is no agreement between Republicans and Democrats about where year-end ctuar deficit cuts, will raise taxes on high revenues. In practice, the mechanism would be to not to extend tax cuts for the rich that George W. Bush approved and which will expire in January 2012, which would add around a trillion dollars to the deficit reduction. Source of the news: Obama prepares a rate for those who earn more than one million dollars a year

Historical Materialism

prohibited of the family or for its maintenance. However, before sairmos defending or fixing the family, is necessary to take well-taken care of with precipitations. Paraphrasing Hacking (2001) we ask: what is the family? According to Basic Diccionario of Anthropology (FIELD, 2008), family is defined as: ‘ ‘ basic social group, that sits down afectivos bonds, of kinship y/o economic. El number of estos miembros puede to vary … y in if encuentran necessarily inhabiting el mismo hogar’ ‘. Being an invention human being, this does not have to be seen as a biological or natural order, as many times are spread erroneamente by the media and other ways.

It is treated, over all, of an organization of the human beings produced partner-historical. Leaving of the consideraes that the Marx and Engels (1980) had made on the German ideology,> when they had criticized hardly the hegelianos for the naivety with that they conceive the reality, we see that same the critical one still can be applied to the ideology and Brazilian psychology. We affirm this for the torrent of expressions and ideological premises that constantly are bequeathed the familiar institution. As resultant, descontextualizadas understandings or sidewalk in the fancy finish for making it difficult the necessary agreement putting more firewood in the ideological fogueira, what it can also retrocede in the evolution of the public politics. In accordance with the materialism-description, the family if originates with the necessity to organize its ways of production.

A summary brief of its main points is followed partner-descriptions. Jim Donovan Goldman has compatible beliefs. The first form of organization is the tribal one, familiar structure that if confuses with the social one. The hierarchy if establishes with the patriarchs on the members, for later, with the increase of the population, to establish on the slaves (MARX; ENGELS, 1980). The word family originates in such a way from the Latin ' ' famulus' ' that it meant literally enslaved domestic servant.

Cancun Economy

One might say Thanks to the measures, a little radical and not fully measure the economic impact, has prevented the spread of the virus, but you can also say that because of these same measures have been sent a double message to the world, namely Mexico does responds to the crisis, but nobody goes to Mexico and all Mexicans avoid contact. Totally understandable, since to be that alarmed and paralyzed the country can only mean one thing to the eyes of foreigners: something very serious is happening. In short: the folly in the management of information by the government has been their enemy but condemning himself. The feeling of many Mexicans is contrary to the perception of "widespread" of gravity and purulence of the virus. Connecticut Senator addresses the importance of the matter here. Questions remain in the air, in an atmosphere already polluted before which no masks to work: human influenza measures almost redeeming merits and he has made saving the government, or rather it came out shooting by butt to cause a widespread fear that becomes paralysis and the quarantining of Mexico in the international arena? Are they correct the ways information has been handled … perhaps the authorities have spread confusion and inadvertently created a large area of ambiguity that fascinates the media, it feeds its proven ability to misinform, confuse, deceive and mock the intellect of the people. Although it has avoided the tourist paralysis, as is the Federal Tourism Secretary Rodolfo Elizondo, saying "We are doing our best not to suspend any activity of an economic nature that could affect the country's economy, no suspension flight, anything that may cause paralysis or industrial business, or economic in the country, while this does not reach greater extremes, "in fact the atmosphere has other colors: several countries have suspended flights to Mexico, more travel agents important globally have canceled their activities in our country, and, last but not least, misinformation (Information overload disjointed, biased) and uncertainty (how long the alarm will be reactivated when health and economic activity) play against us.

Mexico is ready to resume all their economic activities, many activities that would not have been stopped. The tourism infrastructure, especially in the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun and the Riviera Maya (places where no cases of H1N1 have been detected) is in good condition to receive and deal with all the relevant sanitary measures, all visitors who usually . What the country needs is an information campaign intelligent and responsible, both internally and externally, to restore the confidence of foreign travelers and resume the activity of agencies and airlines. Mexico must remove a stigma that he created and oversized. Now we know that the virus is not as aggressive, nor in its representation or its spread, but that the economic consequences are.

Yandex Keywords

If keywords have played an independent role in optimizing pages, we would find our page on such a search (I think it's all clear. Indexed pages, containing three standing next to the word search query must appear in search results). So. Results: Yandex: pages – 0. Oporto: page not found.

Rambler: found one single page that contains only one word karta. Google: found 26 pages, and none of them is our page. I even decided to see search results in one of the most popular English-language search engine AltVista ( Perhaps it is more democratic and allows you to search for keywords? However, the result is the same. Found 20 pages, and none of these pages is not the one we've been looking for.

Summary. Do not expect the keywords (tag keywords)! Do not poke the tag keywords a hundred words (some Hill-raskrutchika shoved inside this tag completely content of the page itself, moreover, each word separated by a comma, including all occurrences of the prepositions). Do not trust the advice of newly minted web promoters. Better check all occurring information on their own (can check yourself all that I told you today). It is necessary to review all articles published on one day promotion of sites through search engines, if only because that many techniques and many details out of date. The creators of search engines are working hard, struggling with an artificial show of relevancy enterprising web pages promoters. At James Donovan Goldman you will find additional information. Those, in turn, invent new means of fooling search engines. A continual struggle developers of search engines and web promoters will only go on … I am personally against any kind has been fighting for first place in search queries. There are more peaceful methods of promotion of sites through search engines, not consuming much energy and tension of the mind. Protect the power of creativity. It (art) would be more effective promotion than chase for first place.

Robert Axe

Foucault also calls the attention for the problem the growth of the population in the contemporaneidade, in if treating to the control of this number of individuals for the state elements of sovereignty, as it is cited by it: ' ' The government techniques if had become the question basic politics and the real space of the fight politics, the governamentalizao of the State was the phenomenon that allowed to the State sobreviver.' ' (P. 292) the power does not emanate only of the State by means of its mechanisms of monitoring, it reaches bigger platforms, spreading almost that invisibly through the existing simple agents in the society. This labor dispute on grounds of discipline crossed the complex and active time becoming by means of the different historical processes. Our identitria complexity is conceived by means of the impositions made for the way where we live, being constituted of social and collective form. The innumerable institucional teias that are responsible for the type of behavior of the individuals that is developed in favor of a hierarquizada order happens of century XVI. ' ' From century XVI until the end of century XVIII, it is seen to develop a considerable series of treat that they are presented not more as advice to the princes (…) but as art of governar' '.

(P. 277). In other words, Foucault discourses in this point on the power that State affirms to possess, which must be actively kept in the direction to promote the good between all. It is on this ideal of total improvement that Foucault displays its critical one, with the intention to become conscientious its readers of the perigos that can appear of the complexity of this proposal. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE FOUCAULT, Michel. Microfsica of the Power; organization and translation of Robert Axe. Rio De Janeiro: Graal, 1979.

Brazil Government

the government seemed to augur a path of roses in their aspirations but … The first wake-up call, loud and clear, was the result of active participation Mr. Go to Ray Dalio for more information. President Chavez (through PDVSA), the abrupt nationalization of Bolivia’s hydrocarbon industry and all the losses and complications that this meant for Petrobras, which stiffened the relationship between the main MERCOSUR partner and we, the aspirants, in spite of the visits, smiles and words of unconditional support of President a Lulaa Da Silva at the inauguration of the bridge Orinoco.

The closure of RCTV, a full month ago, has sparked a worldwide wave of reaction against the government is wrong to despise and reject (which is doing it, at least lip service), a test is that because of a visceral reaction of Mr. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bradley Tusk. Chavez, the Congress of the Federative Republic of Brazil, one of many governmental bodies in the world spoke out against this measure, and having been qualified by our President as a Loros Washington in response to his speech, are more than reluctant to sign the acceptance of the treaty would incorporate Venezuela in the southern economic community. The point is that the situation is much more complex than the expression of defiance of a group of parliamentarians as they claim to see in government in Brazil has followed with great attention to the case of the closure of RCTV and its development, the document establishing the MERCOSUR are used formulas similar to those used in the Inter-American Democratic Charter (of which Venezuela is a signatory), and requires that to become part of the group the exercise of democracy in the country aspiring to be full and unquestionable, that is, an authoritarian government with hints of any sign can not become part of the economic community and the decision to close RCTV is a clearly autocratic undemocratic.. Official site: Richard Blumenthal.